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WPN Meet the Expert – Howard Brown

The “Meet the Expert” series will allow you to meet one of Wells Pharmacy Network’s highly experienced experts. This professional/personal look will help you get to know who we are, and give an inside look at how our team members work to achieve our goal of becoming a market leader in the compounding industry.

What do you do at Wells Pharmacy Network?

I am the Pharmacist-in-Charge at Wells Pharmacy Network. I am responsible for all clinical services, legal and regulatory issues/concerns, and I manage our team of 20 clinical and production pharmacists.

What is the one lesson you’ve learned in the industry that has helped you most?

The importance of being able to think “out of the box.” Custom medication solutions are not easy to create. It takes a team of individuals to come up with the correct solutions, including the doctor, the patient, pharmacists, and other experts. Sometimes, it becomes clear that what we think might work won’t or doesn’t. That’s when it’s necessary to come up with new ideas, and often that takes coming up with new ideas or a new treatment plan that only comes as the result of “out of the box” thinking.

What do you enjoy most about working with customers/clients?

I enjoy helping customers find solutions to help them live healthier, happier lives.

In your opinion, what value(s) do customers gain by working with WPN as opposed to competitors?

By working with Wells Pharmacy Network, customers have the ability to obtain superior quality customized medications to help them solve health issues and concerns, that might otherwise not be available.

How do you support WPN’s mission and dedication to improving the health and safety of customers’ patients?

I support the mission by working with the WPN team to improve clinical and pharmacy services for our customers. Our goal is to provide safe and effective clinical solutions that foster improved quality of life for our customer base.

Why are you proud to work at WPN?

I am most proud to work with a staff dedicated to the health and wellness of our customer base. Our team is the best in the business. We do important work and take tremendous pride in it. As a company, we are focused on becoming the leader in our industry, and the effort of every individual plays a huge role in attaining that success.

What are the biggest challenges faced by WPN and its customers in the current healthcare environment?

Our greatest challenge is to work within the confines of one of the most regulated industries that exist. The challenge is best met by embracing the regulation to help ensure ongoing safety and consistent quality.

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