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503B Numbing Cream

New 503B Numbing Cream

Wells Pharmacy Network is proud to offer our numbing cream produced out of our FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility. As an FDA Registered Outsourcing Facility, we stay in compliance with the FDA’s standards for CGMP (current good manufacturing practices), the same as large commercial drug manufacturers. Physicians can now order for office use (please check with your State Board of Pharmacy to determine if patient specific prescriptions are required).

What is our Numbing Cream Used For?
Physicians are increasingly using numbing cream in the office for procedures such has laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and vein treatment. Our BLT Cream may help decrease the pain and discomfort related with these procedures. Our product is intended to be used by a physician in the office and before a procedure.

We store our medication in Topi-pumps® so there is no mess when dispensing medication. Topi-pumps® also dispense the cream in metered doses ensuring an accurate amount is dispensed every time.

Why Purchase Numbing Cream from Wells Pharmacy?

  • Chemicals purchased from FDA registered facilities
  • Product validation and time studies performed by a 3rd party
  • Mess free Topi-Pump® with metered doses
  • Free of lidocaine injections for dermatologic procedures which can cause permanent damage to the injection site

Learn More about Numbing Cream
Physicians, contact your Wells Pharmacy Account Team to learn how more about our BLT Cream or

Patients download our Numbing Cream Flyer and share it with your Physician.

Patients with questions about an order, prescription, or medication, please call (866) 506-2174 and ask to speak to a pharmacist.

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