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Wells can help you manage your health at all stages of aging through custom compounds tailored to your needs.

Men’s Health

As men age, their bodies go through a variety of changes. Hormone levels rise and fall, which can lead to weight gain, urinary problemserectile dysfunctionincontinencelow libidosleep deprivation, auto-immune conditions, migraines headaches and other challenges.

Men’s Health & Wellbeing

When it comes to prevention and early detection of potential problems, men’s health often takes a backseat to women’s health. However, research shows that compared to women, men are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol, and generally lead less healthy lifestyles. Men are also more likely to put off routine checkups, and delay seeing a healthcare provider when symptoms of a health problem arise. To maintain good health, it is vitally important that men recognize symptoms, see a medical professional when they arise, and take the steps necessary to treat conditions before they cause serious health issues.

Men’s Health Concerns and Needs

Thankfully, in conjunction with a treatment plan from the patient’s physician, Wells Pharmacy Network can provide the products that men need to maintain a healthy lifestyle at all stages of aging, and avoid serious health problems. The key to maximizing quality of life and mitigating risk as an individual gets older is to be PROACTIVE with a preventive health schedule, and to seek medical attention EARLY if a problem is suspected.

Common Male Health Problems
Weight Management

Managing weight is an important part of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. On average, patients may try five or more diet programs in an effort to manage their weight with varying results. Obesity is a growing problem throughout the country, and is a contributing factor to many other health problems.

When nutrition and exercise are not yielding the desired weight loss results, patients may find there are numerous factors that can affect weight loss or gain, including hormonal issues. Wells Pharmacy Network recognizes the importance of supporting patients in improving overall health and uses superior science and technology to offer a wide range of weight management solutions, including:

  • Appetite Suppressants  – to stimulate metabolism and sand signals of satiation
  • Lipotropics/Vitamin Therapies – Vitamins and amino acids used as fat burners or to provide an energy boost
    •   –  B12 injectable – (Cyanocobalamin or Methylcobalamin form)
    •   –  Methionine, Inositol, and Choline (MIC) injectables or MIC combos
  • Cellulite Cream & Gel – Targeted ingredients that support exfoliation and tightening of skin
  • Sermorelin – A Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) analogue that stimulates the production and release of hormones by the pituitary gland.
Aesthetic Dermatology

The look of a patient’s skin can have a major impact on their self-esteem and confidence. When wrinkles begin to set in, patients often look for ways to address the issue. That’s where Wells Pharmacy Network’s line of aesthetic dermatology formulations comes in. Made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, these are formulations physicians can trust to enhance the look and feel of patient’s skin:

  • Hydrate & Tighten – Ascorbic Acid/CoQ10/DMAE/Estriol/Tretinoin
    • This combination of ingredients supports hydration, brightness, and firmness of the skin.
    • Ascorbic Acid targets sun damage and reduces inflammation while enhancing healthy collagen.
    • CoQ10/Estriol/Tretonin address anti-aging; DMAE focuses on firmness.
  • Firmness & Fine Lines – Extriol/ DMAE/ Hyaluronic Acid
    • Hyperpigmentation can create a noticeable difference in skin tone, but Hydroquinone may help by gently bleaching pigmentation for a more consistent appearance.
    • Vitamin D can also lighten dark spots and help skin look more radiant.
Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones play an integral role in health and wellness. They promote growth, and influence such things as metabolism, organ function, energy, and weight management. Many factors can interfere with hormone production, including aging. Sermorelin, a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), can enhance overall health and wellbeing by stimulating the pituitary gland. Sermorelin is a bioidentical synthetic hormone peptide that contains 29 amino acids and may be used in conjunction with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), weight loss programs, and erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment.

Benefits of Sermorelin

Sermorelin and Sermorelin/Peptide blends have been known to support a variety of functions related to growth hormone levels and may:

    • Increase energy levels, muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive.
    • Improve memory & cognition, bone & mineral density, immune response, injury repair, nerve tissue regeneration, and fat burning ability.
    • Enhance quality of sleep.

How is Sermorelin used?

Sermorelin can be used alone or in combination with growth hormone replacing peptides. Wells Pharmacy Network offers innovative new formulas including:

    • 3 Sermorelin injectables
    • 7 Sermorelin/Peptide injectable blends
    •  troche options

With these new formulas, physicians can provide more customized treatments for patients to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Many patients report experiencing improvements in just a few weeks. WPN offers a range of dosing options for improved patient care. And, Sermorelin is typically more cost-effective than other alternatives such as Omnitrope.

Thyroid & Adrenal Health

According to the American Thyroid Association, approximately 20 million Americans have a thyroid disorder, and more than half of all patients are unaware of their condition. Most do not realize that this small gland located in the neck produces and secretes hormones that are used throughout the body, and affects how they feel, and how their body functions on a daily basis. Hormones produced by the thyroid gland affect metabolism., which in turn impacts energy levels, appetite, body temperature, heart rate, growth, and more!

Conditions related to the Thyroid

There are two main conditions related to the thyroid:

    • Hyperthyroidism – a condition where the thyroid produces TOO MUCH thyroid hormone.
    • Hypothyroidism – a condition where the thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormone.

Patients suffering from Hyperthyroidism may lose weight, feel nervous/jumpy, have difficulty sleeping, experience a rapid heart rate, and feel “warm.” Those suffering from Hypothyroidism may gain weight, feel tired/lethargic, experience a slower heart rate, and feel “colder” than usual.

Treating Thyroid Conditions with Hormone Therapy

Wells Pharmacy Network can formulate hormone therapies that can support optimal thyroid function and help patients to feel more energetic and better overall. Two components are generally used: T3 (Triiodothyronine) and T4 (Thyroxine).

T4 is an inactive form of the thyroid hormone that is produced and converted into the active T3 as the body needs it. T3 is an active hormone that is produced by the thyroid. Traditional treatment typically involves providing patients with more T4. However, some patients remain symptomatic because their bodies are unable to effectively convert T4 to T3. Because of that, a combination of T4 and T3 can be a more beneficial solution. Wells Pharmacy Network can compound these medications in varying strengths as well as forms, to ensure normal thyroid levels. Current medications include:

    • T3 or T3/T4 (slow release) plain
    • T3 slow release
    • Nature Thyroid
    • Armour Thyroid

Testosterone is an integral part of men’s health. It only plays a major role in sexual development and overall health, but also contributes to male voice change, hair growth across the body, mood, energy level, concentration and bone density.

When testosterone decreases, it can interfere with many facets of a man’s life and have a negative impact on their health. Some symptoms may be mild, while others can be more severe and debilitating. Low testosterone levels, known as andropause, may increase the risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and erectile dysfunction (ED). Testosterone replacement therapy and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help to maintain optimal levels of hormones through compounded solutions tailored to men’s specific needs.

How are testosterone levels checked? Typically it begins by the patient reporting that they are experiencing symptoms associated with declining testosterone. The physician will then complete a medical history, conduct a physical exam, and perform blood tests to assess the patient’s physical and mental symptoms, and determine hormone levels. 

Treating testosterone deficiencies

Once an imbalance is identified, the physician can begin formulating a treatment plan. This may involve testosterone replacement therapy that can be customized to meet a patient’s specific needs through compounded medications. The doctor can prescribe the proper dosage based on the patient’s current level and the optimal range for their age and health. Testosterone replacement compounds are available in several forms, including:

Why Compounding for Men's Health?

Wells Pharmacy Network prepares high-quality, customized, sterile and nonsterile compounds that include medications for hormone replacement, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), wellness, anti-aging, aesthetics, weight management, and other conditions.

WPN creates custom medications prescribed by physicians because they are NOT available in a form that adequately suits the patient’s therapeutic needs. Here’s why you need to consider making the switch to a compounding pharmacy:

  1. 1. Availability of alternate dosage forms.
    Some patients may find it difficult to swallow pills, so they prefer their medication in a different dosage form. Perhaps you prefer liquid form, or even gel/cream form. Compounding pharmacies have the ability to create and offer different dosage forms, depending on individual preference and need.
  2. 2. Ability to prepare allergen-free medications.
    Common ingredients in traditional meds like lactose, dyes, and flavorings can bring about allergic reactions. But, compounding pharmacies can custom-make your medication(s) to be free of ingredients that a patient may not be able to tolerate.
  3. 3. Access to discontinued medications.
    Large manufacturers often discontinue the production of certain drugs, making it tough for some patients to get prescriptions filled. Compounding pharmacies have the experience and know-how to produce discontinued meds, allowing patients access to the medications they require.
  4. 4. Access to unique services that regular pharmacies can’t provide.
    Compounding pharmacies take the time to get to know their patients since medications are fully customized. They cater to customers’ needs by providing the desired form, preferred flavors, and any other needs. This kind of personal service provides patients with a unique pharmaceutical experience.
  5. 5. Better results through more effective products.
    Medications are effective because of the ingredients that go into them. Compounding pharmacies like WPN use the highest quality ingredients available in their medications. The correct dose is also vitally important to the patients’ wellbeing, and often, only compounders are able to provide that.
What is Compounding?

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing “personalized” medications for patients. Compounded medications are “made from scratch.” Individual ingredients are mixed together in exact strengths and dosages required by the patient to better meet their needs. Compounds can be prepared in a variety of forms, including:

  • Injectables
  • Topical creams
  • Transdermal gels
  • Liquids
  • Capsules

Flavorings can make them more palatable, and through reformulation, allergens and unwanted ingredients can be removed. Specific formulations are prepared through collaboration between our pharmacists, physicians, and the patient to provide solutions geared toward enhancing patient health with customized medications while ensuring exceptional customer service and up-to-date information.

History of USP <797> for Patient Safety

USP (United States Pharmacopeia Convention) <797> was created out of a need to standardize the way sterile medications were produced in pharmacies. USP is a non-governmental agency, which has set chemical and process standards for more than 100 years. USP <797> was first introduced in 2004 to provide guidelines for pharmacists. Over the last decade, pharmacy boards across the U.S. have adopted the standards as law. USP <797> has been updated several times, most recently in 2012. Wells Pharmacy Network adheres to all safety, testing, and quality standards and regulations, demonstrating our commitment to our patients and physicians. WPN strictly follows all applicable state and federal rules, including DEA regulations for controlled substances. All orders go through a five-point quality control check and advanced in-house and independent testing. We have invested in some of the most advanced sterilization equipment to ensure patient safety.

Learn More About Men's Health Compounding Solutions

Wells Pharmacy Network works with physicians and patients to support men’s health. 

Contact Wells Pharmacy Network to learn more about available men’s health solutions. Physicians, contact your Wells Pharmacy Account Team to learn how more about Men’s healthy medications or email:

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