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Wells Pharmacy Network has assembled a leadership team with a wealth of experience across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries as well as additional fields. Their combined knowledge and experience allow them to offer superior science and service capable of meeting and exceeding provider and patient needs and expectations.

Kristopher Fishman


Kristopher Fishman has amassed a wealth of experience in sales and operations and has driven effective turnaround, process improvement, and enhanced management for several medical organizations. Prior to joining Wells Pharmacy Network, Mr. Fishman served as Area Operations Manager for the Southeast region at Apria Healthcare, overseeing profit and loss operations for 32 branch locations. He also served as National Director of Operations & Sales and District Business Manager for the West Coast at Ottobock Orthopedic Services.

Throughout his career, Mr. Fishman has established himself as a leading sales producer and refined his abilities to optimize diverse operations through implementation of best practices.

Christopher Ulbricht


Christopher Ulbricht is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida and has been with the company for 8 years. He has 25 years of high volume inventory management and systems experience and is certified in Lean Six Sigma. He has worked with staff at all Wells Pharmacy locations, as well as represented the company internationally, prior to becoming Vice President of Operations.

Mr. Ulbricht was previously the Director of Inventory Control and Demand as well as the Director of Pharmacy Operations where he was responsible for lean production in both sterile and non-sterile segments. He also has experience working with regulatory agencies; FDA, BOP, and DEA.

Melissa Stefko


Melissa Stefko is an experienced Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology professional with a background in Quality Assurance and Quality Control in aseptic sterile processing. Prior to joining Wells Pharmacy Network, Ms. Stefko served as Head of Quality with a start-up 503B Outsourcing Pharmacy and gained a strong CGMP understanding through previous positions within pharmaceutical manufacturers. Ms. Stefko is an active member of the American Society for Quality as a Certified Quality Auditor and is a member of Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology, American Society for Microbiology, Parenteral Drug Association, and IACP. Ms. Stefko holds a Masters in Business Administration, a Masters of Science in Biotechnology, and Regulatory Affairs Certificate.

Justin Kirkland


Justin Kirkland is a chemist with experience in natural products, small molecules, peptide synthesis, analytical chemistry, and drug formulations for improved bioavailability. Kirkland has earned a BS in Agronomy and an MS in Biology, and attended medical school in Belize at the Central American Health Sciences University. He was recently awarded a U.S. patent for the improved synthesis of the ergoline BOL-148: useful in treating cluster headaches.