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Can a Specialty Compounding Pharmacy Compound Discontinued Medications?

When a medication crucial to a patient's well-being becomes discontinued or unavailable, a sense of uncertainty and concern may arise. However, in such instances, a specialty compounding pharmacy like Wells Pharmacy Network may offer hope. Our specialized pharmacists possess the knowledge, expertise, and resources to formulate customized medications that closely match the composition and dosage of discontinued medication.

Yes, compounding pharmacies have the ability to re-create discontinued medications in certain cases. When a medication becomes discontinued by the manufacturer or is no longer commercially available, compounding pharmacies may step in to provide a customized solution. Compounding pharmacists have the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment to create pharmaceutical formulations tailored to individual patient needs.

However, it’s important to note that compounding pharmacies cannot recreate all discontinued medications. The availability of raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) plays a crucial role in determining whether a medication may be compounded. Additionally, compounding pharmacies must comply with regulatory guidelines and ensure quality, safety, and efficacy standards are met in their compounding processes. If a medication has been discontinued because it has been deemed dangerous, a pharmacist may not be able – or willing – to compound any for you.

What Else Can Compounding Pharmacists Do?

Compounding pharmacists are skilled professionals who specialize in preparing customized medications to meet specific patient needs. Alongside the ability to recreate discontinued medications, they may:

Create Custom Formulations

Medications usually come in a range of fixed doses, which could prove limiting to prescribers. However, compounding pharmacists may combine different ingredients and adjust strengths and dosages to create medications tailored to individual patients. This is particularly useful for patients who require unique formulations, such as those with allergies, sensitivities, or specific dosage requirements.

Adjust Dosage Forms

When needed, compounding pharmacists might change the dosage form of a medication to accommodate individual patient preferences or needs. For example, they might convert a tablet into a liquid, create transdermal creams or gels, or prepare medications in different forms such as suppositories.

Add or Remove Ingredients

Compounding pharmacists may modify medications by adding or removing specific ingredients to meet patient requirements. They may exclude certain allergens, dyes, or preservatives, in order to allow for dietary requirements or allergies. They are also able to do things like add flavorings to improve taste and enhance medication compliance, which could be particularly helpful for pediatric patients.

Address Medication Challenges

Compounding pharmacists may help patients who have difficulty swallowing pills by preparing medications in alternative dosage forms, such as liquids or lozenges. They might also combine multiple medications into a single dosage form for convenience and improved adherence. This may be particularly helpful for elderly patients who find it difficult to remember to take many different pills.

How Do Compounding Pharmacists Work With Doctors?

Our compounding pharmacists work closely with doctors to provide customized medication solutions for patients. They collaborate by reviewing prescriptions, discussing treatment plans, and addressing specific patient needs. Compounding pharmacists prepare tailored formulations based on doctors’ instructions and the patient’s requirements.

We also communicate with doctors to provide updates, discuss patient progress, and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. Compliance with regulations and adherence to quality standards are key aspects of their collaboration. This collaborative relationship ensures patients receive personalized care and optimal medication outcomes.

Our expertise and dedication to patient care make us a valuable resource. By collaborating with healthcare providers and compounding pharmacists, patients may explore the possibilities of finding alternative options and ensuring their medication needs are met with the utmost precision and care. If you need a discontinued medication, get in touch with us at Wells Pharmacy Network to find out how we can help.

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