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The Wells Advantage Program

Wells Pharmacy Network introduces

the Wells Advantage Program

WPN has just launched a new initiative…The Wells Advantage Program. This innovative Program consists of a variety of patient-prescribed product kits aimed at helping individuals maintain personal wellness. In launching the Program, five specific kits have been created and released in the weight management, immune health, and sexual health categories. Here’s a look at those programs:
“Lose it Right” (Injectable)

This combination of injectable and orally-administered drugs can help pave the way for weight management! Consisting of four proven products, “Lose it Right” provides a potent formulation that can help achieve weight loss goals in a healthy, timely fashion!

  • Products: TRIMTROPIC – Methionine/Inositol/Choline Chloride/B-Complex (B2, B3, B5, and B12(M))/Chromium Pic/Carnitine; CJC-1295/IPAMORELIN; CARNITINE-L
Lose it Right Oral
“Lose it Right” (Oral)

These oral medications provide the foundation you need to reach your weight loss goals and optimum health!

  • Products: GOAL (Glutamine/Ornithine/Arginine/Lysine); SERMORELIN

This combination of four clinically-demonstrated products help to support immune response, prevent infection, and reduce inflammation.

Revive Your Femininity!

This kit offers a combination of three products that will help enhance sexual satisfaction by increasing libido, drive, and desire!

  • Products: OXYTOCIN/TADALAFIL; EROS (nasal spray); SILDENAFIL
Revive Your Masculinity!

Improving sexual function makes life that much better! The “Revive Your Masculinity” kit consists of a pair of products that will help enhance sexual satisfaction by increasing libido, drive, and desire!

  • Products: OXYTOCIN/TADALAFIL; EROS (nasal spray)

People are now taking their health and overall wellness more seriously than ever! You can help them reach their health and fitness goals and add a new and sustainable revenue stream to your practice by prescribing these proven Wells Advantage Program kits to your patients! To find out more about the Program and the products within them, please call one of our product sales experts at 1-800-622-4510.

Kit Instructions
  1. Check the label for the correct medication.
  2. Remove the plastic cap protecting the rubber stopper of the vial.
  3. If the medication vial can be used for more than one dose, record the date on the label.
  4. Clean the exposed rubber stopper using an alcohol swab.
  5. Remove the syringe from the package and, if necessary, securely attach a needle.
  6. Pull back and forth on the plunger by grasping the plunger handle to check for easy movement.
  7. With the needle attached to the syringe, pull back the plunger, filling the syringe with air equal to the amount of medication to be administered.
  8. Remove the cap covering the needle, being careful not to touch the needle.
  9. With the vial in the upright position, push the needle through the center of the cleansed rubber stopper on the vial. Push the needle in at a 90-degree angle, being careful not to bend the needle.
  10. Inject the air in the syringe into the vial. Air is injected into a multi-dose vial to prevent a vacuum from forming with continued use.  If too little or no air is injected, withdrawing the medication may be difficult.  If too much air is injected, the plunger may be forced out of the barrel, causing the medication to spill.
  11. Turn the vial upside down, with the needle remaining in the vial. The needle should be pointing upward.
  12. Make sure that the tip of the needle is completely covered by the medication and not above the fluid line. This will ensure medication is withdrawn (and not air).
  13. Pull back on the plunger to fill the syringe with the correct dose of medication as prescribed.
  14. Keep the vial upside down, with the needle in the vial pointed upward. Tap the syringe lightly, or “flick” it with a fingertip.  This helps move any air bubbles to the top of the syringe.
  15. Once the air bubbles are at the top of the syringe, gently push on the plunger to force the air bubbles out of the syringe and back into the vial, (or you may push ALL the medication back into the vial, withdraw again slowly, and repeat steps 14/15).
    NOTE:  It is important to eliminate large air bubbles because they take up space needed for the medication, causing inaccurate dosing and/or pain and discomfort when injected.
  16. After removing the bubbles, check the dose of medication in the syringe to be sure the correct amount has been drawn up.
  1. Prepare the Site for Injection
  2. Since the skin is the body’s first defense against infection, it must be cleaned thoroughly before a needle is inserted.
  3. Wipe the skin with a back-and-forth motion using an alcohol swab.  This motion moves bacteria away from the injection site.  Allow the skin to dry by air completely.
  1. Take the cover off the needle, being careful not to touch the needle.
  2. Hold the syringe in one hand like a pencil or a dart.
  3. Grasp the skin area to be injected between the thumb and index finger with your other hand, and pinch upward.
  4. Inserting at a 90-degree angle, quickly thrust the needle all the way into the skin.  Do not push the needle into the skin slowly or thrust the needle into the skin with excessive force.  Do NOT press down on the top of the plunger while piercing the skin.
    NOTE:  This angle is important to ensure that the medication will be injected into the fatty tissue. However, in persons with little subcutaneous fat, you may need to use a 45-degree angle.
  5. After the needle is completely inserted into the skin, release the skin that is being grasped.
    • Press down on the plunger to deliver medication into the subcutaneous layer at a slow, steady pace.
  6. As the needle is pulled out of the skin, gently press a cotton ball or gauze strip onto the insertion site.  Applying pressure over the site while removing the needle prevents skin from pulling back, which may be a source of pain.
  7. If instructed to do so, press, or gently rub, the site for a few seconds.
  8. It is not serious if you notice blood at the site after the needle is removed.  A surface blood vessel may have been nicked and blood is following the needle track out to the surface.  Simply apply pressure to the site for a few minutes.
    • Also, a small amount of fluid may appear at the site.  This may be medication that is following the needle track to the surface, as the fluid will likely follow the path of least resistance from the hole just created by the needle.  Again, apply pressure to the site for a few moments.
  • Place the syringe or needle in a hard plastic or metal container with a tightly secured lid; preferably, a SHARPS container.  In the event such a container is unavailable, an empty, rigid plastic container such as a milk jug or laundry soap container can be used.
  • Do not recap needles after use.
  • Keep the container out of the reach of children or pets.
  • When the container is ¾ full, take it to a health care facility, (hospital or physician’s office), for proper disposal.

Patients with questions about an order, prescription, or medication, please call (866) 503-3089 and ask to speak to a pharmacist.

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