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Wells Pharmacy Network Vet

Wells Pharmacy Network is a widely recognized leader in preparing compounded preparations for veterinarians, especially in the equine category. WPN pharmacists understand that dosage is based on the weight and individual characteristics of the animal, because traditional formulations may not work as well for animals the size of horses who may also have other conditions that call for specialized medication.

WPN is a go-to pharmacy for vets throughout the country because of our ability to offer a variety of compounded medications that can be customized by strength, dosage, and flavoring to meet the specific needs of equine patients. We understand that the horses our vets take care of our family members…that’s why WPN takes great pride in the services we provide. You can be assured that Wells Pharmacy Network veterinary compounded medications are:

  • ● Potent and Effective
  • ● Made from raw ingredients sourced from FDA-approved facilities with Certificates of Analysis.
  • ● Flexible in strength and volume in order to dose all horses.
  • ● Available in a variety of flavors to suit all palates and aid administration.

It’s Spring… time to focus on Breeding and Foaling Season!

Wells Pharmacy Network produces a variety of medications that vets depend on during breeding and foaling season, including:

  • Histrelin – a synthetic gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) used to promote ovulation in horses.
  • Detomidine/Xylazine – sedatives used in a variety of cases, including:
    • – Stitching wounds
    • – Tooth rasping
    • – Surgical procedures (minor and major)
  • Rifampin/Clarithromycin – used in foals primarily for the treatment of R.equi infection, which may cause pneumonia and lead to death in immunocompromised, young animals.
  • Azithromycin – used in foals as a broad-spectrum “macrolide” antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections.

Equine pregnancies run about 11 months (360 days). Most breeders agree that the ideal time for a foal to be born is between May and July, so this generally means that horse owners will want to get a mare in foal as early in the spring as possible.

Spring foaling is also preferred because grass is most plentiful and will be available to help the mare’s milk supply, and allow for better grazing for both mom and baby. It’s also beneficial for the foal’s health to be born in mild weather in order to grow before winter sets in and conditions worsen, which can prove to be dangerous for newborns.

Why choose Wells Pharmacy Network for your Veterinary needs?

At WPN, the same quality and care that goes into creating compounded preparations for human patients also apply to preparations for veterinarians across the country. Our dedicated veterinary team members are equine professionals with vast knowledge of the horse industry, with experience in breeding, foaling, herd health/management, as well as extensive product knowledge. Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have decades of experience in compounding for equine patients. Other reasons to make the switch to Wells Pharmacy network:

Veterinary Pharmacy Operations

Our turnaround time at WPN is first-rate in the veterinary compounding industry. We email tracking numbers, so you know where your package is every step of the way, and our service is superior. We have long-standing relationships with our veterinarian customers and understand their practices and relationships with horse owners.

Vet Medication Quality Control and Assurance

Wells Pharmacy Network’s commitment to the safety and quality of the preparations we compound is the most important thing we do on a daily basis. Our experienced team of clinicians and techs process and verify all orders, and you can be assured that WPN takes all steps necessary to protect our physicians and horse owners/customers by:

  • ● Verifying licenses
  • ● Strictly observing, understanding, and abiding by pharmacy law
  • ● Meeting USP <800> standards
  • ● Making proof of sterility/endotoxin testing with certificates of sterility available

Wells Pharmacy Network is proud to provide the kind of service we do to our family of veterinarians and equine caregivers. To find out more about how we can help you better meet the needs of the animals in your care, call or email one of our Customized Vet Medication Specialists today!

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