Introducing: Eros Love Spray, for women and men!

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WELLS’ EROS LOVE SPRAY is the Bremelanotide peptide developed from the Melanotan II peptide. Bremelanotide isn’t an  like  or Cialis, that work by pushing blood around your body. Bremelanotide works in the mind, increasing sexual desire. Deep inside the brain, the substance activates the hypothalamic and limbic emotional structures, parts that naturally flare when you’re turned on.

No more need to take pills or injections; Eros comes in a nasal spray form, simple and ready to use out of the box and starts to show effects after 30 minutes.

Recent studies have shown that Bremelanotide improves sexual desire in women and men, enhances libido in women with female sexual arousal disorder and increases sexual arousal in men with erectile dysfunction.

What are you waiting for to improve your sex life? You can order online or call us today.

WellsRX TeamIntroducing: Eros Love Spray, for women and men!